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V I R K Z A A M harnesses the data and knowledge of its proprietary intake process to employ strategies elucidated by freeing the client from the shackles of outmoded thinking and product solutions that are based on sales relationships.

Practice Groups

Software for Growth

Tax Group

Asset Protection

Process Design

Pricing Specialist

Strategic Portfolio Design Group



Supply Chain Management

Health Care

Financial Services

Private Equity

Public Sector

Our singular focus is to unlock growth by creating an environment  where the client understands how to balance individual decisions in the context of their asset protection mechanisms, shifting liquidity needs, and operational strategies.

The traditional planning approaches are not sufficient in today's world, where factors outside of the client's  control weigh  heavier than ever on balance sheets, growth projections, and talent  pools.

Dogmatic focus on stale metrics and indicators often unwittingly stifle corporate managers. This inertia and tradition restricts thinking and hides the possibilities.

By focusing on the  larger questions surrounding increasing sales, value of assets, and profits, we are able to present formerly hidden strategies by formulating new approaches.

Once these approaches are apparent, understandable, and executable to the client, we stress test those strategies, incorporated outside factors such as industry volatility, taxation, inflation, and government regulation to ensure that these strategies thrive under a myriad of circumstances.

V I R K Z A A M brings its various practice groups together (software engineers, tax professionals, growth strategists, and more) to coordinate and integrate the disparate elements of our clients lives, creating growth by simply increasing efficiency and minimizing the effects of eroding factors.

Incorporating the  talent of our software developers with their capacity to service global companies gives us a competitive advantage that few consultancy firms can match.

V I R K Z A A M 's approach to measurable growth and efficiency delivers strategies to the client that revolutionizes their business practices and provides them with clarity and control.

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