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Pushing beyond balance sheets, sales pitches, and marketing material, V I R K Z A A M incorporate relevant internal and external factors to ensure clients understand their true bottom line.


Domestic & International Taxation

Strategic Portfolio Management

Advanced Cash Flow Analysis

Data Analytics

Project Management

Real Estate


Taxation of Financial Products


Real Estate

Mergers & Acquisitions

Imagine all  you advisors and relevant parties in one room, working to maximize efficiency without the sales pressure and billable hours skewing the advice.

V I R K Z A A M 's  process is designed to  bring the disparate elements your life into focus to facilitate understanding and control that clients previously thought impossible.

V I R K Z A A M accomplishes this by coordinating with the client's accountants, lawyers, business & strategic partners, insurance brokers, real estate agents and more.

We incorporate and integrate the products and strategies promulgated by these various micro-managers into the macro model of the client's life in order to ensure protection, efficiency, and growth.

This is accomplished by harnessing cutting-edge technology and practices.

V I R K Z A A M 's

Strategic Process

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