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V I R K Z A A M harnesses the knowledge of its various practice groups with the talent of its software development teams to deliver software that creates growth while maximizing the clients control and understanding of their business.




Sales Order Scheduling 

Combined Shipment

Advanced Charge Management

Order Management

Real Time Reporting & Analytics



Global Supply Chain

Financial Services


Health Care


Fine Art

Public Sector


SAP TM integrates seamlessly with other SAP modules, including sales order scheduling, order and delivery processing, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay scenarios and other logistics-related applications.

Run Realtime

Get Real time insights and network communication on Inbound and outbound freight management based on sales orders, purchase orders, deliveries, stock transfers, and returns.

Cutting-edge system

Our SAP TM is new and advanced with super efficient capabilities and operational features that supports planning, monitoring and complete analysis and reporting.

Performance Optimized

Support for end to end processes & enhancements in usability, faster vehicle scheduling and routing, load consolidation planning etc.

SAP EM facilitates advanced tracking and tracing solution throughout the lifecycle of any resource. The execution events that are related to a certain resources can be monitored by tracking the corresponding event handlers in SAP Event Management.

Event Reporting

A carrier can directly report events for a resource, for example, to update the actual position.

Advanced Alert

When an unexpected event, such as resource damage, is reported, the transportation dispatcher can receive an alert instantly.

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